Articles should be written in Microsoft Word program and page margins should be adjusted as follows:
-Paper Size: Vertical A4
-Top Margin: 3 cm
-Lower Margin: 3 cm
Left Margin: 2.5 cm
-Right Margin: 2.5 cm
– Font: Garamond
-Font Style: Normal
-Size (regular text): 12 point
-Size (footnote text): 10 point
-Normal Text Line Spacing: 1,5 / Paragraph Spacing: 0 pt First, 6 pt After
-The main text (Excluding Bibliography, Abstract and Footnotes) paragraph indent should be 1, 25 in the first line.
– The paragraph indent of the footnotes should be 0.5 hanging, all references should be aligned by pressing the tap button on the first line, justified, line spacing should be single.
-Self and Abstract Spelling Rule: Font should be Garamond, Normal, 11 Punto, Line spacing: Single.
-Arabic characters should be Times New Roman with 12 characters.
-The verses or texts in Arabic as separate paragraphs should be centered on the right, justified, without paragraph indent.
It should be written in a single paragraph. The first of the keywords should be the relevant discipline.
-Block quotations should be in a separate paragraph with Garamond font and 1.25 cm indent from the left and 11 font size. Paragraph space should not be left.
The articles should contain a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 keywords with an abstract of 150-350 words.
In studies such as book, symposium, workshop evaluation, there should be 200-350 words Turkish and English abstract.
– Headings in the article should be automatically titled in accordance with Isnad Citation System 2 and the titles should be aligned.
Only the first letter of all titles should be capitalized.
– Care should be taken that there is no line space between the paragraphs in the article.
-The references should start on a separate page after the results page. Line spacing: 1.5. Paragraph indent: The hanging should be justified at 1.25. There should be no line spacing between references in the text of the article.
-Turkish in the text should be selected and spelling mistakes that may be caused by Spelling Grammar scanning should be cleared as much as possible.
-TADER uses the Isnad Citation Style 2 (The Isnad Citation Style 2) in citation and bibliography writing.
– Footnotes and bibliography should be arranged according to the changes made in the Referral Citation System 2.
The Isnad Citation Style: http://www.isnadsistemi.org
Articles that do not meet the ISNAD ATIF SYSTEM 2. EDITION criteria will not be accepted.
ALL STUDIES SUBMITTED TO THE JOURNAL SHOULD BE ORGANIZED ACCORDING TO THE SAMPLE ARTICLE FILE, INCLUDING THE COVER. In particular, the author should fill in the relevant places in the file, taking into account his own identity and article information.
For the sample article file, see. https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/journal/904/file-manager/21304/download