Copyright Form Description


Authors who send articles to our journal read and approve the copyright transfer form below when uploading their work to our journal’s online system.






The study, whose title and authors are specified in your journal’s UDS System, has been uploaded to be evaluated for publication. This work has not been published anywhere before, has not been accepted for publication, and has not been sent to another journal for consideration.


In case the work is accepted for publication, the “Right to Process” regulated in article 21 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK) 5846, “Right to Reproduction” regulated in article 22, and “Right to Publish” regulated in article 23. , “Right of Representation” regulated in article 24 and “Public Broadcasting with Signal Audio and/or Video Transmission Means”, including digital transmission regulated in article 25, re-transmission, public transmission, representation authority and at the place and time chosen by third parties. The right to transmit to the public by providing access to the work and other rights specified in this contract; Immaterial in place, number and content, and in terms of duration, it has been transferred to the Publisher exclusively during the protection provided by the law in force at the date of signing of this contract.


Also; The moral rights remain with the Author (Authorized Author hereafter). However, the Publisher has the authority to use moral rights within the framework of the financial rights transferred to it. In this context, the “Entitlement to Public Offering” regulated in Article 14 of the FSEK, “Specification of the Name” regulated in article 15, “Prevention of Modification of the Work” regulated in article 16, “Rights of the Author to Use Against the Possessor and the Owner” regulated in article 17 can be claimed against individuals. On the other hand, the Authorized Author reserves the right to prevent publication in a manner that would damage the honor and reputation of the author.


The Publisher may reproduce and publish the original or copies of the Work in any way or by any means, in whole or in part. In this context, the Publisher may publish the Work in hardcover or paperback form, as well as reproduce and publish it in fascicles in a periodical or non-periodical format, in different sizes and colors, and in writing formats to be prepared for the visually impaired. Again, the Publisher may reproduce and publish the Work in the physical environment, as well as temporarily or in the future, in known or future environments such as computers, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, including the internet and similar digital media, which are used for the transmission and repetition of signs, audio and/or images. may be reproduced and published continuously. In this context, the Authorized Author accepts, declares and undertakes that the Publisher can publish the Work in formats and channels required by new technology such as e-books and z-books (enriched books), and that they can make applications in different formats such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.


Authorized Author, the right to broadcast and re-broadcast the Work by wired or wireless means such as radio-TV, satellite and cable, public transmission, retransmission, representation, and transmission to the public by providing access to the Work at the place and time chosen by third parties, including digital transmission. has transferred and assigned the right of retransmission and representation to the Publisher. In this context, interactive applications, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, video, GSM, EDGE, UMTS, 2.5G, 3G, LTE, 4G, DVBH, CDMA, HTML, XML, WAP, mobile TV, mobile streaming, mobile live streaming, Catch-up, VOD, mobile, internet, social media, IPTV, WEBTV, HTML, XML, WAP, GSM, iPad, iPod, iPhone and similar smart devices and mobile phones using mobile technology and other mobile channels. The right and authority to broadcast, provide access, transmit to the public, provide access to the public, broadcast and re-broadcast with the tools to be developed or developed in the future shall belong to the Publisher.


The Authorized Author has transferred and assigned to the Publisher the right and authority to process the Work. In this context, the Publisher has the right to translate the work into any language and dialect; converting to or combining with works such as music, cinema, opera and theater; converting to an audio and/or video book; converting to a corpus; compilation, leveling according to different age groups, adaptation, summarizing and adding to the database, dissemination by illustration and the rights and authorities on these processes belong exclusively to the Publisher.


The Publisher is the owner of the commercialization (marchandasing) rights of the Work. In this context, the Publisher may use the name of the Work, any character in the Work, the names of the characters, events, photographs, cartoons and pictures, in any way and in the desired sector, together with any other service or product, for other purposes, whether promotional or commercial. The publisher may also register these elements as a trademark or a domain name in its own name.

On behalf of all authors of the work, as the Authorized Author, I am qualified to transfer and assign rights, that third parties do not have any rights on the Work, that the rights I have transferred to the Publisher with this agreement belong to me and I have not transferred these rights to anyone before; In case of third parties claiming any right on all or part of the Work, the compensation and other legal responsibilities that may arise from this will belong to me; I accept and declare that I will immediately and in cash indemnify the Publisher for any damages that may be incurred in this case, and that the Publisher has the authority to terminate this agreement for this reason.


As the Authorized Author of the work, I certify that I accept/accept all the conditions in the “Notes to the Authors” section of the Sociology of Religion Studies, that the work I have submitted/presented has been prepared in accordance with ethical rules, and that the right to make editorial corrections in the article to be published has been transferred to the Journal of Tafsir Studies.


As an Authorized Author, I declare that I have entered your Journal’s UDS system with my own user name and password and that I have accepted the matters written in this Copyright Transfer Form by marking the phrase “I have seen and accepted the copyright transfer form” that I see on the screen.